Tree Branch Over A Power Line

How To Recognise Tree Hazards

Tree Removal

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any property, but sometimes they can also cause problems. It’s important to keep your trees in good health and well maintained so that you can avoid damage from falling branches or other hazards. If a tree does damage property or hurts another person there are a lot of … Continue reading →

Close Up of Flower Of A Frangipani Tree

What To Plant Under A Frangipani Tree

Expert Tree Advice

Like many other plants, the frangipani tree is at its best when complemented by another fantastic floral arrangement. Deciding the best combination is never easy – the colours and textures must balance well, and the plants need to grow in tandem with one another. Figuring out whether you want a formal or informal style is … Continue reading →

Arborist Cutting A Tree With A Chainsaw

How To Become An Arborist

Expert Tree Advice

Arborists are tree doctors who have a specialised skill set, which allows them to tend to and plant trees and examine them for any problems. These include structural issues, nutritional deficits, or underlying diseases. To be able to maintain different tree species, arborists need to obtain certain qualifications that prove they are competent in the … Continue reading →

stump grinding cost

Stump Grinding Cost 2021

Stump Grinding

Often, when a tree is removed, the stump is left behind without a second thought. Eventually, the stump may pose a fire hazard, attract unwanted insects or become difficult when mowing or parking cars, and removal is required. At Arborclimb, we believe that stump grinding is the safest and most effective method for complete tree … Continue reading →

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The Dangers of Gum Trees

Gum Trees

Gum trees are an Australian trademark when it comes to the world of flora and fauna. With over 800 species of eucalyptus discovered by botanists, they aren’t hard to come by Down Under. But our much-loved Australian gums don’t always love us back (especially here in QLD)! In fact, they can be extremely dangerous and … Continue reading →