How much does tree removal cost?

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When you need a tree removed, you might put it off under the illusion that it’s unaffordable. The problem arises when you start weighing up the risks involved with not removing the tree if it’s old or dangerous. Even if you require a tree’s removal as an aesthetic preference, you might still be unsure of how much it costs to hire a tree surgeon.

At Arborclimb, we’re big fans of customer transparency, which is why we’re here to clear up any confusion about how much it costs to remove a tree on the Sunshine Coast. It’s more affordable than you think – and always worth it!

Why is tree removal necessary?

First of all, when considering tree removal, you need to have an idea of why it needs to be completely removed rather than simply pruned. If a storm has happened, then damage to trees is a common occurrence, so if you notice anything untoward about a tree on your property after high winds or a lightning storm, then we’d recommend calling our specialist team to, at minimum, check it over. Sometimes, a tree can’t be saved, in which case we’ll let you know the next steps while on site.

You may need a tree removed due to old age. Trees do eventually die – falling over isn’t a prerequisite! – and when this happens, it’s typically unsightly and you’ll want it taken down. You may also have too many trees on your land, which is particularly problematic if you’re trying to instigate new growth, but are unable to because of the root span and shade of a particularly large tree.

Now you know why tree removal is sometimes necessary, let’s break down costs.

Is tree removal expensive?

The short answer is no. Whenever you’re considering removing a tree, you need to weigh up risk vs. reward. If the tree looks dodgy – and you don’t always need an expert tree surgeon to spot an unsafe tree – then it’s always worth the cost. Nothing is more valuable than making an area safe by removing a tree!

Cost is also enormously subjective, depending on the scale of the task. Tree surgeons typically charge per hour per person, as it’s never a one-man (or even two-man) job, so it’s important to be aware of this. However, don’t anticipate that all tree removal services cost the same. A large, mature tree on a complex site, such as a steep hill or somewhere with limited access, is almost guaranteed to cost more than a smaller, relatively young tree that’s unfortunately got to be removed. That’s why it’s worth evaluating the severity of the situation before you’re certain that the tree must be taken down.

How much does tree removal cost?

    1. The cost of tree removal varies depending on several factors. Tree removal costs range from $225 to $4,500 – depending on the circumstances.

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