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Tree Services Kedron

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding in Kedron QLD!

At Arborclimb Brisbane, we have been in the tree management business for over 20 years. Throughout the years, we have worked in many suburbs along the Brisbane and in greater Queensland. However, Kedron has a special place in our hearts. Few suburbs are as quaint and family-friendly as Kedron. Despite its small size, Kedron is bursting with personality. As a northern suburb of Brisbane, Kedron is only a short drive from popular seaside locations like Nudgee Beach and Fisherman Island. It’s nearly impossible to get bored in Kedron, as there is so much to do both in the town and in its surrounding areas. If you live in Kedron, consider yourself lucky.

While Kedron is a fantastic place to raise a family, it does have one hidden danger. This danger also plagues suburbs throughout Queensland but is rarely talked about: trees. Don’t get us wrong- we love trees. They are absolutely beautiful and an iconic part of the Australian landscape. Trees act as a home for many creatures and provide privacy for homeowners. However, not all trees are helpful. In fact, overgrown and unmaintained trees are a leading cause of building damage.

There are many reasons why we get called out to homes and businesses in Kedron. Oftentimes, we are requested to perform tree removal, tree maintenance, and mulching services. You see, many residential and commercial buildings in Kedron are built near trees. While this may be aesthetically pleasing, it can also be dangerous.

One reason why trees can be dangerous is that the roots can grow through water pipes and cause leaks or bursts. It’s not uncommon for older trees to have roots that grow rapidly underground. Because the roots aren’t visible, it can be difficult to tell if they pose a threat. That’s where we come in! As tree maintenance professionals, we are always on hand for tree emergencies and can also help identify if trees near your building pose a threat. Another common tree problem is poor tree health. If tree pruning is not performed regularly, tree branches can die and fall off, causing injury and destruction. Trees can also decay when not properly maintained. This is why regular tree trimming is so important! At Arborclimb Brisbane, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive tree management services. This means that when we are called to Kedron, we go above and beyond to ensure that trees are healthy. We even provide arborist reports so clients can have piece of mind.

At Arborclimb Brisbane, we are available for all of your tree maintenance needs. Whether you require routine tree trimming or garden maintenance or more extreme services such as tree removal, we are at your service.

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