Palm trees – what you need to know about removal and pruning

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Palm Tree Removal Sunshine Coast

Think of the Sunshine Coast, and a vision of palm trees comes to mind, tall and stately with their fronds swaying in the breeze and their fruit and flowers adding dashes of colour. Palms are associated with sunshine and lazy days and — as they come in all shapes and sizes, they look fabulous in all settings.

Palm Tree Pruning & Removal Sunshine Coast

“The dance of the palm trees, the oceans calling, the first rays of sun and heaven is here.” Michael Dolan

But remember, palm trees need care and attention and are unfortunately susceptible to insect infestations and weather conditions. Regular professional pruning is necessary. Bear in mind that a palm tree does not continue to grow once the top has been cut off and when an enthusiastic amateur removes the fronds, there can be a natural tendency to over-prune, which causes the tree distress – all of which can be avoided by calling in the tree service experts from Arborclimb Sunshine Coast.

“For me exotic means beaches, palm trees and sand and frolicking in the ocean” Priyanka Chopra

When a palm tree has to be removed, that means cutting it down to a small stump. As with trimming, much will depend on the height of the tree, but professional arborists will assess your needs and carry out the work required, including hauling away the stump. When attempted by a non-professional, the pruning work and stump grinding are both time-consuming and potentially dangerous, and so is tree climbing.

It sometimes takes a foreigner to come and see a place and paint it. I remember someone saying they had never really noticed the palm trees here until In painted them.” David Hockney

Seriously, contact Arborclimb. Or, even better, use Arborclimb’s services for your tree and general garden maintenance on a regular basis to keep track of the condition of the palm trees on your property. You can be sure that your trees will thrive in the hands of the Arborclimb team of specialists, who have more than 20 years of experience on the Sunshine Coast!

“Palm trees are growing and warm breezes blowing” Blake Shelton

Contact us today to let us assess your requirements from mulching services to tree lopping clearing, and give you a quotation. Enjoy your garden knowing that your palm trees are in the best of hands.