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Palm Tree Removal Sunshine Coast

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Whilst palm trees are certainly beautiful, they can sometimes cause problems. If a palm tree on your property is too close to the building, is leaning in a dangerous direction, blocks your views, or is already dead or dying, it might be time to have the tree removed. If you’re renovating your garden, you may also need to consider palm tree removal.

At Arborclimb we are specialists in tree removal, including palm tree removal. Our experienced technicians use top of the line equipment in combination with their expert knowledge to safely remove palm trees without damaging the tree, the ground, or any nearby structures. We leave every site we work at in a clean and tidy condition.

Palm tree removal Sunshine Coast

Palm trees are a regular sight on the Sunshine Coast. However, if a palm tree is causing difficulties on your property it’s best to call in professional tree loppers. Palm trees can be very heavy and could damage nearby buildings or structures during the removal process if it is not done correctly.

To guarantee that the palm tree is removed safely and efficiently by knowledgeable experts, contact Arborclimb. We know the risks involved in palm tree removal, and have extensive experience lopping palm trees throughout the Sunshine Coast. Using our services means you can be confident that the highest standards of safety and workmanship are being adhered to, and that the palm tree will be removed with the minimum of hassle.

Removing a palm tree

We carry out palm tree removal services for trees in any state of health. If the palm tree is healthy and needs to be removed for other reasons, our team can dig it up so it can be replanted elsewhere. This can be a good option if the palm tree is healthy and of value. Our team identify the best angle at which to bring down the palm tree to avoid causing damage or hazards.

If the palm tree is not healthy and needs to be cut down, we carry this out to high standards of safety and professionalism, minimising the mess and disruption caused by the process. Our team have the best equipment that allows us to safely climb larger palm trees. We then trim the fronds and carefully cut down the tree’s trunk. Using a stump grinder, we’ll also remove the palm tree’s stump so that the area is completely clear.

Contact the experts

Attempting to remove a palm tree yourself can be risky, especially when the tree is particularly large. Whether the palm tree is healthy or not, and whether it needs to be dug up for replanting or cut down altogether, the Arborclimb team are all highly trained and qualified to get the job done to an excellent standard. We aim to make palm tree removal in the Sunshine Coast a stress-free experience – contact us today.

We’re experts when it comes to palm tree removal, but we also specialise in removing all types of trees.