Signs your tree is not well

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Trees are as likely as humans to fall ill — and be contagious too. So you must react as quickly as if it were your child or your pet. The Emerald Ash Borer may be causing ash tree leaves to turn yellow and killing the branches. It bores tunnels in the bark and infects it.

Although fungicides can be injected into the tree, they are not reliable and the only way to ‘cure’ an infected tree and protect surrounding trees and vegetation is to chop it down. Here are some cases where tree removal on the Sunshine Coast is advisable:

Cypress canker

There is no cure for this as yet. The infection is apparently carried by water, the wind or pruning tools, and can kill a branch overnight before spreading to the whole tree. If the tree is removed, it should not be replaced with another cypress, as the new tree would be prone to infection.

Oak wilt

This fast-acting fungus is spread by beetles and goes from oak to oak through the roots. Leaves wilt and turn rust-coloured, then die and fall. The tree should be pruned and a trench dug around it.

Root rot

Another fungus that affects the roots of a tree, but it does not necessarily spread.

Citrus gall wasp

If the branches of a citrus tree swell and bulge, the tree may have been infected by the eggs of the citrus gall wasp. Gall wasp infections can be controlled by cutting off the swollen branches before the wasps start spreading to other branches, but there are no sprays are known to control gall wasps, so act quickly.


This fungus causes problems with damp, growing leaves, holes in existing leaves and defoliation. A tree may be saved by burning the infected foliage.

Disease is a reality for many beautiful species of trees

Trees are planted to provide shade, improve air quality and property values, reduce stormwater runoff and generally enhance our lives. Just as we consult professional physicians, they need skilled, professional arborists.

Your tree maintenance is crucial

After 20 years on the Sunshine Coast, Arborclimb’s professional, highly qualified arborists know just what they are doing and can immediately spot the first signs of weakness in a tree. Don’t wait until it is too late for your trees — call Arborclimb Sunshine Coast and get them over today.