Getting rid of a root problem

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Stump Removal Sunshine Coast

Are your trees getting enough oxygen and minerals? Do you mulch and fertilize them regularly? Do they get enough water? Is your soil compacted, crushing their roots and restricting their growth? Do you monitor for pests?

Tree disease

Because roots are mostly hidden, we often forget to look at them when trying to diagnose a problem, but even insects, and fungal and nutrient problems can often be traced to the roots of a tree. So can under and overwatering and under and over fertilizing.

Rooted to the spot

Roots provide a stable base and balance and they gather water and nutrients. Depending on the tree, the roots may be shallow or deep, wide or narrow, but they tend to be strong enough to crack cement and concrete, and even damage foundations and lift pavements. Roots often cause major problems by damaging and blocking nearby plumbing and sewer pipes too.

Ongoing problems

If a tree is removed, but the stump or remaining roots continue to grow, your problem is not solved at all, and the repair costs from invasive tree roots may add up. Sometimes roots can be shaved, but that is risky and you need professional skills or you are likely to kill the tree. Burning out a stump is not recommended, and nor is pouring on chemicals, which can contaminate the soil around it for years. Excavation is impractical. Stump grinding is the answer.

Always consult a professional

However acute your problems may be, Arborclimb Sunshine Coast will have the solution. At Arborclimb we are all highly trained, skilled, experienced arborists — tree doctors, if you like — who specialise in tree and stump removal, and have done so along the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years. Tree maintenance is our passion as well as our profession. We can spot root rot and fungal disease immediately, and where possible we can treat your tree safely. We can answer your questions and give you the right advice too.

Invest in the health of your trees

Arborclimb Sunshine Coast prunes, thins and mulches, and makes sure your trees are structurally strong. We can write certified arborist reports for you too whenever necessary — and carry out annual mulching services. That is not only good for the trees, but it helps to prevent soil erosion. Best of all, we have a 24-hour a day, seven day a week emergency service, which we hope you’ll never need.

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