Summer Garden Maintenance Tips

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Garden Maintenance Sunshine Coast

  • Deadheading with a small pair of secateurs or garden shears is vital to allow plants to start blooming again. Of course Arborclimb Sunshine Coast includes deadheading and pruning and all the following in their garden maintenance contracts.
  • Look out for signs of mould, disease and insects.
  • A vegetable garden should be picked clean, and all fruiting plants removed as soon as they are ready for harvest. They should never be left to over-mature. Remove any excess or damaged fruit.
  • Plant summer bulbs, such as allium and begonias, oriental, calla and canna lilies, dahlias and freesia. They don’t mind the heat, but sensitive plants need to be shaded from direct sunshine. Never put potted plants in the sun, where they may be burned.
  • Plant lots of pretty flowers: geraniums and petunias, sweet peas, cosmos, Californian poppies and busy lizzies. Plant the beds densely to avoid weeds.
  • Look after your sweet-smelling roses and lavender, and the hydrangeas and clematis.
  • They say that mulch is your garden’s best friend. Arborclimb Sunshine Coast provides the best and most efficient expert tree mulching and maintenance services in Queensland.
  • Your garden — both grass and plants — needs to be generously watered slowly and evenly several times a week, preferably from the ground rather than from above. Water well and deeply in the early morning and late evening if possible.
  • Do not mow your grass too short. Only mow when the grass is dry and leave it at about 5 centimetres so that it does not dry out. Perhaps consider installing an irrigation system.
  • Feed birds and wildlife and provide bird baths to attract them too. Don’t prune hedges so that birds can rear their young safely.
  • Sow late summer and winter crops such as carrots and radishes and turnips as early as possible.
  • Collect and store seeds from flowers you want to grow again in clearly labelled envelopes in a cool, dry place.
  • Weed flower beds and check trellises and all supports for climbing plants

Garden Maintenance Sunshine Coast – Gardening & Design Tips

Can you give your garden the many hours of attention it deserves?

If not, Arborclimb Sunshine Coast’s professional trained arborists most certainly can provide everything your garden needs, from tree services, which include tree and stump removal and tree clearing and cutting to lopping and pruning. Call today!