The Risk of Ignoring A Tree Removal Problem

tree cutting sunshine coast

You have a tree in your yard that you know needs to come down. It might have started to lean slightly to one side after a bad winter, or it might be completely leafless right at the middle of summer. Still you have hesitated to do anything about it, not even calling in one of the ArborClimb team to help you. If you are waiting on tree removal on the Sunshine Coast, then you should understand that it is a big risk. 

The tree may fall suddenly

The biggest reason for you to call in tree removal specialists as soon as you can is that the tree might fall unexpectedly. A sudden gust of wind, too much rain on the leaves or a very dry and brittle soil can all make the tree fall, and an uncontrolled fall means that it could drop anywhere, in all directions. 

Risk damage to property

With the danger of the tree falling without being controlled, you are also increasing the danger to you and your neighbours. If the tree is close enough to property, it may bring down roof tiles, or even damage the structure of the property. You cannot predict if anyone will be standing under the tree when it falls. 

Damage to structures

As the tree leans further and further over, there is the chance that it poses a risk to structures by leaning on them, weakening them with its weight. It can push over power lines and poles, fences and structures like sheds and greenhouses. That is why it is so important to call in ArborClimb.

A home for insects

The last thing that you want in your yard is somewhere for termites and other bugs to set up home, close to your house and protected from predators. In order to get rid of the bugs, you have to allow us to come and remove the tree safely, and then you should call in a pest control team to take care of any termites or other pests that are left. 

Contact us today

When you realise that you need to call in some help with tree removal on the Sunshine Coast, you should be prepared to reach out to ArborClimb and hire our expert tree removal teams. To find out what we can do for you,  send us a message online or call 0417-127-267 now.