The Shocking Risks of DIY Tree Removal

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Do you have a dead or dying tree in your yard? Maybe you have a tree that you don’t like and want to get rid of. It sounds simple enough to grab the chainsaw and cut it down. However, you might be surprised to find that this can be very dangerous and tree removal is always a job that’s better left to the professionals. Here at Arborclimb, we are trained and experienced to get rid of unwanted trees in a safe way so that you don’t have to worry about any of the risks involved.

Nearby Power Lines

In many cases, trees grow close to the power lines in your neighbourhood. Because you should always operate as if these wires are live, it’s dangerous to get close to them unless you’re trained in how to remove a tree and stay safe around power lines. At the very least, you risk knocking out power to the entire neighbourhood, but you also risk severe injury and death should you be electrocuted. 

The Wrong Tools

When we come to remove a tree, we bring the proper equipment with us so that it’s safe to do the job. The average homeowner doesn’t have these tools on hand, making tree removal a dangerous prospect. Not only do we arrive with the right tools, but our tree technicians are trained in how to operate them correctly so the job gets done and no one gets hurt. 

Structural Damage

Caution must be used when a tree is being removed near homes or other structures. If large parts fall on your home, garage or shed, it will cause expensive damage. If someone happens to be in the structure at the time, serious injury or death can occur. There is a method to removing a tree and you can’t simply cut it at the base and let it fall. That’s why the job is always better left to the professionals. 

Decaying Wood

If your tree needs to be removed because it’s dead or dying, it probably isn’t very stable. There could be extensive dead wood inside the tree, which can cause it to collapse or fall during removal. Our experts are trained to diagnose this problem and work accordingly to prevent injuries or death as the tree comes down. If you aren’t properly trained in tree removal, never try to take the job on yourself. 

If you need tree removal services, it’s time to call Arbor Climb to get a quote.