Keeping Safe In The Storm Season!

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Tree Cutting Sunshine Coast

Living on the Sunshine Coast, one thing you can be sure of are storms! They tend to arrive without much warning. We can keep our eye on the media, Queensland’s Weather website, and heed warnings, however even with predictions, when the storm hits we can never be sure of the impact and intensity. Each year so many homes and lives are impacted by trees falling and sadly in some circumstances can be fatal. That is why it is a good idea to be prepared!

If you have trees on your property it may be worth having them checked by a professional arborist. Some trees may look healthy and sturdy, however only an arborist can determine whether they can withstand the impact of a storm.

Tree Cutting, Clearing & Removal in Sunshine Coast

In order to keep your home and family safe, it might mean that trees may need to be removed. Oftentimes seemingly healthy looking trees can be affected by storms causing damage.

Here are a few tips to keep your family and property safe:

  • Before the storm season hits, arrange regular visits from your local certified arborist to assess potential risks. The arborist will be able to advise on any necessary work to be done or point out trees that may need to be removed.
  • Be cautious of advice from contractors/loppers that are not qualified and certified Arborist, especially if they recommend lopping your trees to keep your property safe, this is not always the correct advice and could end up costing you a lot more in the end to maintain the tree and to keep you safe.
  • With your initial consultation with your arborist, if there are any species of trees that you are unfamiliar with or even if do feel you know, it would be worth being informed, as each tree is different and some are more prone to decay, disease or damage than others.
  • In between visits carry out regular inspections on you trees, and look for deformed branches, hollowed or aged, cracks in trunks/branches or trees that appear to be leaning or branches that make contact with any infrastructure

Here is a link to a previous blog we did on “Signs your Tree is not well” that is worth looking at.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call us today to assess any trees on your property that can pose a potential risk to your property.

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