Beware Of The Dodgy Door-Knockers!

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If you are looking for a professional tree lopper in Sunshine Coast, call Arborclimb! Tree removal, stump grinding and arborist reports: 0417127267.

There are countless reports of innocent unsuspecting homeowners that have bad experiences with dodgy “tree loppers”in the Sunshine Coast, who end up scamming,threatening and in some extreme cases terrorizing homeowners. Some of these homeowners are young mums with small children or elderly and vulnerable.

An example of the reports are where the homeowners agreed on the price offered and a large group of people turnup including young children and elderly members of the same family. They often behave very unprofessionally and when asked to leave demanded a higher rate.

The other aspect is that these door-knockers may have little to NO professional arbor experience, use incorrect tools and equipment and do not take the necessary safety precautions resulting in damage to your trees, property and people getting hurt.

The worst case scenario is when these door-knockers are criminals and are in fact looking for an opportunity to scope out your home, resulting in theft or even been attacked.

If you are approached by these dodgy door-knockers for tree removal or tree trimming, there a few things to take in consideration before agreeing to tree removal from your property:

  • Even if it seems like a great deal, it would be quite rare for a legitimate tradesperson to engage in door knocking looking for work.
  • To ensure that the door to door traders are legitimate, they should be able to provide identification – the full name of their business and business address, but still be wary as some of these door knockers know this and may provide false information.
  • Check with council whether you have permission to remove the type tree, whether they know of contractors carrying out this work and whether they have given permission to particular contractors
  • Do they come across professional and well presented? Once be cautious, it’s not only the scuffy ones that are scammers!
  • If possible if they can provide references of previous work done

If you are looking at getting some tree work done are your property give us a call we are well respected all across the Sunshine Coast.

We are the #1 tree climbing company servicing the Sunshine Coast community. We provide a variety of tree services that cover tree removal, stump grinding and arborist reports. We deliver mulch for your gardens and also have a 24hr emergency call out service for when mother nature catches you by surprise. You can feel safe knowing that we have got your back. If you have any questions, feel free to call our friendly team. We will make you feel like one of the family.


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