ArborClimb tree professionals are able to complete the tree pruning Sunshine Coast homes and businesses need to keep their trees in good condition. Our skilled team has all the necessary equipment to prune trees of all shapes and sizes. If required, we can also remove the dead wood.

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What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning involves cutting back parts of a tree to achieve a particular aim. Roots, branches and leaves may all be cut back as part of the pruning process. The goal of pruning is usually to improve the health of a tree or to prevent it from causing damage to nearby buildings or neighbouring trees.

What are the benefits of tree pruning?

Regular pruning can be a good way to improve the general health and longevity of your tree. Depending on the type of pruning that is carried out, specific benefits include:

Removal of dead and/or diseased material, enhancing tree health

Over time, some parts of a tree may die off, often due to damage that’s sustained due to the weather or pests. If it’s not removed, dead wood can become a haven for parasites and bacteria. If left unchecked, these can spread into the healthy parts of the tree, increasing the amount of dead wood and even eventually killing the tree. Trees may also catch diseases, which can cause the death of leaves, roots or branches. Prompt removal of this dead material improves the health of the tree, reducing the risk of further problems in the future.

Improving tree growth and fertility

Cutting back excess branches concentrates nutrients in the remaining foliage. If you have a fruit-bearing tree, pruning can help to increase yield. Removing branches also ensures that the tree doesn’t out-grow its root system.

Improving stability

Growth that isn’t managed may result in a tree that’s misshapen or unbalanced. Dense canopies can also provide increased wind resistance, increasing the chances of a tree being uprooted or branches breaking during high winds. Pruning reduces these risks, as well as improving the aesthetic of the tree.

Increasing access to light and fresh air

Thinning the canopy allows other parts of the tree to benefit from a higher level of light and ventilation. This assists with effective photosynthesis and reduces the risk of disease.

Reducing the risk to nearby buildings

Timely pruning prevents roots from growing beneath nearby buildings, reduces the build-up of deadfall and ensures your tree doesn’t encroach on your neighbour’s property.

Why use ArborClimb for your tree pruning project?

– Our team is able to carry out a full range of pruning, including pollarding, crown reduction, dead pruning, crown thinning and crown lifting.

– We operate in line with all relevant health and safety requirements.

– We offer fast response times where emergency pruning is required.

– We have more than twenty years of experience.

– We offer advice and guidance on maintaining tree health.

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