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Tree Removal & Maintenance Services in Caloundra!

There is that feeling you get when you see the magical Glass House Mountains or the breath-taking coastal paths of Caloundra that might even make you gasp “Oh my!” However, when a nuisance tree is causing problems to your property, you might gasp “Oh my” for other reasons.

While living in one of the Sunshine Coat’s crown jewels, Caloundra has its fair share of tree invaders, and they don’t care how nice the water is down at Kings Beach ocean pool or how much fun the aquatic playground is at Dicky Beach. All they do is drop leaves on your house, clog your gutters, or worse yet grow their roots into your pipes. That’s where we come in!

The old saying goes that not all heroes wear capes, and that’s true for us! We are a full service and expertly trained tree service that is number one on the Sunshine Coast! If you put a “hit” out on a tree, we will make sure that it’s gone! We offer full-service tree removal, stump grinding, and mulching.

Arborclimb Sunshine Coast can also keep the friendly trees beautiful with our tree maintenance service and a complete Arborist Report! Arborclimb Sunshine Coast is fully insured and professional and will leave your slice of Sunshine Coast heaven a little cleaner and greener.

If on the odd chance the weather turns nasty in Caloundra, we’ll be there to help as well. Mother Nature can cause some untold damage to trees and if there is an unexpected tree issue we offer emergency storm damage services to make sure that you are “out of the woods” with an unexpected problem.

We work local because we are local. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help you get the most from the trees on your property!

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