Storm Damage Prevention is everyone’s duty!

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Storm Damage Sunshine Coast

Storm season is upon us again. Normally it is the time that insurance companies start to ring their hands just waiting for the premiums to go up! With some helpful planning tips from us, however, your storm season can be as event free as we can make it.

Just because there is a tree in your yard that has seen storm after storm, it doesn’t mean that it’s there to stay. You might want to get it inspected from time to time to make sure that the bashing that Mother Nature has given it hasn’t made it prone to complete failure! All it takes is the right wind and that tree could take out powerlines, fall on your car, or worse, your house.

Keeping your trees maintained, which includes mulching, means that these trees have a better chance of recovering after storm season. Making sure that the tree is healthy means that it might take the next season like a superhero! It also doesn’t hurt to have the pruned and trimmed by experts like Arborclimb Sunshine Coast so that any dead, weak, or ill branches can be removed, and any defects can be detected.

One of the hardest things to detect about trees is the strength of the root system. One of the reasons that it’s hard to determine is because to get the healthiest root system you shouldn’t disturb it. A weakened root system can start many years before you actually have a problem, so if you are doing any development near big trees it would safest to have the roots checked by the experts just to make sure that they are disturbed or obstructed.

While we would love to tell you that there are ways to make sure you are 100 percent protected, there is just no way. One of the biggest threats is lighting strikes, there is no way to predict when one of these is going to happen. So, the best advice we can give you is to trim trees back. The taller the tree the more likely it might be to get struck.

If you are unsure about any of the trees on your property, contact Arborclimb Sunshine Coast and we will come survey your property to give you custom advice. There is a reason that the Sunshine Coast has made us the number one tree service and we want to make sure that you are safe this storm season!

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