What is Tree Lopping?

Arborist hanging on a tree

Tree lopping is the process of removing branches from a tree. Professional tree loppers will cut away dead, dying, or diseased branches in order to keep the tree healthy and strong.

They also trim trees for size or to provide more sunlight below them.

It’s most often done to remove dead or diseased limbs, but it can also be used to trim back parts of the tree that are growing too close to buildings or other trees on your property.

Why Undergo Tree Lopping?

There are several reasons why you might want to have your trees trimmed up. If they’re overgrown and interfering with power lines, then this could cause problems for both you and utility companies; they could also cause issues for your neighbours.

In addition, tree lopping is a good way to remove dead or diseased limbs that could become potential hazards.

It’s also worth doing in prep for natural disasters like floods and tornadoes, and wind storms; if they have gone unchecked for too long, this can lead to serious structural damage and even broken windows.

Tree Lopping vs Tree Pruning

One of the most common misconceptions about tree lopping is that it’s basically the same thing as tree pruning. They’re actually different, both in terms of their process and in terms of their purpose.

Tree lopping means trimming the branches of the tree to modify the size and shape of the tree, while tree pruning is the cutting of small branches and leaves to maintain good tree health and encourage growth.

Both tasks involve cutting tree branches, but only tree lopping might involve cutting off larger branches, and the purpose of each activity is quite different.

How Do you Know When it’s Time to Hire a Tree Lopper?

When you see leaves dropping off your trees early in the year, but there aren’t any on the ground below them yet, this could mean it’s time to do some tree lopping.

You can also tell when a tree needs some work if you notice that it’s shedding more leaves than usual or if there are just too many on the ground beneath it.

What to Look for When Hiring a Tree Lopper?

Tree lopping is something that some tree owners might take on themselves, but it’s a tough job that’s difficult to get right. By hiring a professional tree surgeon who has extensive experience in lopping, you can save yourself time and energy while ensuring that your tree is properly cared for.

Look for a tree lopper with experience, good testimonials, and a professional work ethic. Tree lopping is a physical job that requires a lot of strength, but that doesn’t mean anyone can do it with a ladder and a lopper; knowing which branches to cut (and where to cut them) is half the job.

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