What To Plant Under A Frangipani Tree

Close Up of Flower Of A Frangipani Tree

Like many other plants, the frangipani tree is at its best when complemented by another fantastic floral arrangement. Deciding the best combination is never easy – the colours and textures must balance well, and the plants need to grow in tandem with one another.

Figuring out whether you want a formal or informal style is key, but there are plenty of options for both. This is helped by the colour variation of the frangipani – it can come in white, pink, orange, yellow and everything in between.

With that in mind, here are just a few ideas for what to plant underneath your frangipani tree.

1. Agapanthus

A concern for frangipani trees is whether the plant alongside it will get enough water – the former is known for sucking up a lot of it during the summer. For this reason, agapanthus could be a good companion to your frangipani; it is robust and drought-resistant and also gives off a beautiful lilac hue.

In addition, the agapanthus benefits from high levels of sunlight but will also enjoy the limited shade that your frangipani can provide. If your tree is planted somewhere with low moisture levels, you may want to consider a strong agapanthus.

2. Bromeliads

Frangipani trees commonly pair well with bromeliads, and this is for a good reason. Similar to the above agapanthus, bromeliads can handle relatively low-water conditions thanks to their water-absorbing scales.

Bromeliads come in most major frangipani shades (pink, orange, yellow). This means the two plants can blend pleasingly – you can match them or pair them with a orange frangipani with a pink bromeliad. This versatility makes the bromeliad a perfect companion for the frangipani.

3. African Daisies

If you live on the Sunshine Coast or anywhere along the edge of Australia, then you likely already know that not every plant can withstand coastal conditions. So if you want to plant a frangipani, you will need to make sure the plant you pair it with can also thrive here.

African daisies are just one of the options for this and will best complement the frangipani in a yellow or purple shade.

4. Canna Lilies

If you live in a more temperate part of Australia, you might struggle to grow a tropical plant in colder weather. This means a robust companion, such as a canna lily, is important. Canna lilies come in all shades of yellow, orange, and red – this can manifest as a pastel colour or a rich hue.

Either will boost the look of your frangipani while staying strong in the less-tropical climate. However, canna lilies and the frangipani may have to go inside if a particularly harsh winter is ahead.

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