A tree falls on a fence, whose problem is it?

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Beautiful, healthy trees are said to enhance property values by about 7 per cent in residential areas and 18 per cent in building lots. Quality landscapes with healthy trees can increase retail spending from 9 to 12 per cent, according to published figures, but what happens when a healthy tree falls on a fence as storm damage?

The storm is the culprit

If your tree falls onto a neighbour’s fence, their insurance company is usually responsible for the damages. That is because the basic rule usually applied is that the insurance policy of the damaged party pays for the loss.

But if your neighbour’s tree is blown down in a storm and lands on your fence, is the damage covered by your neighbour’s insurance policy or your own? If the storm is considered an act of God, then your insurance company should pay.

DIY tree trimming or a sick tree falls

But then there is the question of whether the owner of the tree should have been aware of some pre-existing condition of the tree or its branches. The law will not hold you liable for damage caused by an act of God, but nor does it excuse negligence. Or if the tree fell on your fence when your neighbour was trying to cut it down without professional help, the damage would certainly be their responsibility.

It is definitely much better to make friends with your neighbours

A professional arborist is able to analyze a tree to see if it needs any special treatment, pruning or removal and, although that may seem to be an unnecessary expense, it is much cheaper than paying for a neighbour’s fence.

The very best tree surgeons

There are many ways in which an arborist can be useful. Call in Arborclimb and you’ll see.

Our experienced, professional arborists trim and prune trees — and remove them and their stumps too before they become dangerous. Best of all, if and when disaster strikes, we have a 24-hour emergency tree removal call-out service. So, you see, you can really rely on Arborclimb whatever the weather — we are friends in need!